What is Soosr

A ‘soos’ (Dutch) is a place to get together, talk to each other and have some fun. We believe that word of mouth advertising is the best manner to get people to know your company. Soosr digitizes the soos-conversations. Soosr (from Soos-ial Recruitment) is an online platform that offers you everything to make active recruiters of all your employees.

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Build a campaign

With Soosr, you create appealing, dosed email campaigns to all your employees or a targeted selection. Or, your employees share their work or company related stories!

Everyone benefits, everyone motivated!

With Soosr, you replace the old-fashioned “€ 1.000, –  reward for a new colleague” with a specificly tailored program of smaller and bigger rewards. Soosr appreciates everyone’s effort and commitment by rewarding everyone who shares. This means much more motivation and activity!

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With Soosr you can:

  • Easily share stories, vacancies, videos or photos
  • Generate powerful, relevant traffic to your own website
  • No more anonymous job sites or recruiter websites!

Your employees can:

  • Share online job postings and be a proud ambassador
  • Tag their friends in shared messages
  • Personalize the message

Soosr’s dashboard keeps track of:

  • How often your message has been read
  • Who most often share
  • Where your posts are shared

Setting up an online recruitment campaign with Soosr is very easy.

Inform everyone in your organization via email that you will start using Soosr for online recruitment and what it means for them.

  1. Create a group by uploading a list of e-mail addresses;
  2. Create rewards or link Soosr-coins to shares;
  3. Write a message for people to share. Link to your vacancie(s) in it, and add photo or video content;
  4. With one press of the button the message appears on their personal timeline and it’s time to receive the reward.

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