What is referral recruitment?
  • ree·FUR·alnoun: the act of directing someone’s attention somewhere
  • ri·KROET·m’ntnoun: the act of drawing in new members to a group

Referral recruitment:

when co-workers help recruit new colleagues by alerting those in their social network to new vacancies. Also known as ‘een tenner for a new friend’, and variations on the theme.

Why ask your co-workers?

That existing co-workers are the best recruiters is a well-known fact in HR. Existing co-workers are better capable of assessing a potential cadidate’s suitability because of their intimate knowledge of the organisation. They will also hear about it sooner when a candidate is interested in changing jobs.
Current co-workers are better capable of motivating new candidates: their enthousiasm feels authentic, where a professional recruiter is soon seen as an over-eager salesman.
Using referrals in recruitment is cheaper, finally: existing employees recommending a vacancy in their own network are basically performing the service for free, where professional recruiters command hefty commissions.

Soosr and referral recruitment

Soosr facilitates employees in pointing out vacancies tot heir friends and associates by sharing messages on social media at the press of a button.

“Hey everyone, there’s a spot opening at the fabulous company you all know I work for. Be part of the magic!”

Additionally they may ‘tag’ their friends (mention their name explicitly) under the message that mentions the vacancy.

“You especially should look into this, Richard. You too, Safira. Come join us, you’ll thank me later!”

This is how Soosr helps ‘referral recruitment’.