What is employer branding?
  • Em·PLO·yernoun: provider of work
  • BRAN·ding, noun: The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product, service or organisation.

Employer branding aims to prmote the image of the organisation as pleasant employers with a strong attrative power and a recognizable profile. In a tight labour market, the importance for organisations cannot be overstated of being recognisable for potential candidates, as well as being regarded as a desirable place to work.

An employer can stand out by promoting any or all of the qualities below:

  • Team spirit, organisational culture
  • Status among peers
  • Attention to education and training, personal growth
  • Compensation and reward (salary, perks and benefits)
  • Et cetera

Soosr and employer branding
Soosr plays into a number of these factors. Firstly, Soosr grows an employer’s renown among the target audience because employees will actively spread the name in their network (referral recruitment). Secondly, the playful nature of Soosr’s rewards and Soosr coins contributes to the employer’s positive image. Thirdly, Soosr heightens team spirit among colleagues, because referral marketing favours candidates that are friends, family or associates.