How much time will Soosr cost?

The first time costs about 1 to 2 hours on average to invite colleagues, to think about rewards and to build the first campaign (including images or video). Subsequent campaigns take about 10-15 minutes to build and launch.

Do we need to link our systems to Soosr?

No, you don’t. Soosr was developed to keep the entire process simple, effective and powerful. It’s simple to use, saves time and money and it leaves your systems the way they are. Soosr directs all traffic involved towards your Careers page or website – traffic you can easily track using your own metrics. Soosr also comes with several basic metrics of its own.

Why do I need to log in?

Soosr is entirely web-based. It isn’t an app you need to download: everything happens online, in a secure area of the Web. Your colleagues must also log in to view their own page on Soosr, and so far this has not proven any significant problem. A new campaign will first alert them via e-mail. One press of a button then brings them to Soosr allowing them to view your messages, see the vacancies and rewards involved and choose the means to share.

What do I need to begin using Soosr?

When the user agreement has been signed and you’ve received your Soosr credentials, you’re good to go. Soosr will need a logo for your organisation. A short description also helps. And that’s it: you’re ready to set up your first campaign.

What channels work for Soosr?

Soosr currently works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email and WhatsApp. When new channels become relevant, we will connect them with Soosr if possible.

Can I see who reads my messages?

No, I’m afraid that is not legally allowed in the interest of privacy. You can, however, see which of your colleagues share most passionately.

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